PowerUp FPV turns your paper plane into a flying drone

PowerUp FPV paper plane drone_1

With the kind of technology at our disposal, it is not hard to achieve what was earlier unattainable. Flying paper planes was a favorite pass-time in the yesteryears and today we have things like drones/quadcopters and of course smartphone games that let you fly paper planes. Giving a new dimension to the good old paper plane flying paired with augmented reality, PowerUp Toys has partnered with acclaimed drone maker Parrot to come-up with first person view paper plane flying.

Let me put it simply, the idea is to attach a propelling kit to a simple paper plane and pair it up with augmented reality glasses like Google Cardboard to get FPV of paper planes flight. That is quite a bright idea and suited for people who have got bored with flying quadcopters. PowerUp FPV kit includes a propelling unit and panning camera which feeds back live footage of the flight in VR to your smartphone (with a compatible app) which is mounted inside the Google Cardboard.

Fold a paper plane and attach PowerUp FPV kit to see the flying action on Google Cardboard in FPV

PowerUp FPV has a flight time of 10 minutes with the 550 mAh lithium-polymer battery and a range of up to 300 feet. The FPV module has nylon/carbon frame and two propellers in the rear to turn your simple paper plane into a flying drone.

For now this cool kit is in prototype stage and will hit Kickstarter for funding next month. The expected price is going to be around $200 and we’ll see how it fairs at that time.

PowerUp FPV paper plane drone

UPDATE: Powerup drone has hit Kickstarter in a big way with more than double the funding amount already achieved and still two months to go. The initial slot of $159 is already gone and the next slot of $179 is also going fast. The drone has been liked by many and everyone wants a piece of it already although the shipping date is in June.



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