Lumen Flashlight powered by your body heat doesn’t need battery at all

Lumen flashlight

Gosh, those flashlights need to be fed with batteries or recharged after the juice is down. And being a must-have accessory that you might need at any time, you have to carry it in your bag or keep in the drawer. There has got to be some way to have a flashlight that doesn’t require any batteries or recharging from the user side. Thankfully a project is up on Kickstarter that promises limitless power supply without you needing to do anything except than keeping it warm with body heat.

Lumen Flashlight is one portable accessory anybody would want to have handy at all times. This small flashlight uses the principle of thermoelectric generator (TEG) to light-up a 5mm ultra-bright Cree LED by converting heat into electricity. A very useful and practical way to light-up a flashlight indeed.

The heat is conducted through aluminum/titanium shell of the little flashlight which weighs just 35g-45g depending on your choice of either material. Although, the battery power of this flashlight is only enough to light up while reading in dark or for finding objects in the dark.

The body heat-powered flashlight is already well over its funding goal and going good on Kickstarter. The initial $30 price tag slot has already being booked and the next slot of $35 is up for pledges, so you better make it on time before that slot is also gone and you’ll have to pay more to get this amazing flashlight into your hands.

Lumen flashlight



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