Celebrating 30 years of Nintendo magnificence with these mods and DIYs

Happy birthday Nintendo

On October 18, 1985 Nintendo released its first ever console in the region of North America and since then the Japanese gaming giant has not looked back. In a way Nintendo has revolutionized the gaming industry and how can we forget those old school gaming days when playing addictive arcade games like Super Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt for hours and hours was bliss. It has been 30 years since that time and Nintendo has come a long way in establishing itself as a household name for gaming freaks. As a tribute on 30th birthday of Nintendo we have compiled a list of Nintendo-inspired geek stuff and Nintendo mods that you’ll definitely enjoy.

# Gigantic NES Controller

Lego NES Controller

This huge 60-inch NES controller made from 8000 Lego bricks is fully functional and is very difficult to control with one hand. The Lego NES Controller is created by Julius Alexander and put on top of a table for display. Recently the creation was on show at a convention in Northern New Jersey.

# Nerdtendo Gamebooze Flask

Gamebooze Nerdtendo

This Gamebooze Flask crafted by AthenasWink Shop is perfect for a gameaholic for intoxicating gaming sessions in your den. The flask looks very old school and reminds you of the golden era which was dominated by arcade games in black & white.

# Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table

Another huge NES controller that will be difficult to control with one hand, but that won’t be an issue since it is non-functional. This NES Controller Coffee Table designed by Charles Lushear is made from maple, mahogany and walnut wood which gives it a very distinctive look. You can even buy it from Etsy for $5,000.

# NES Briefcase

Nintendo briefcase and laptop case

Have a look at this NES Briefcase made by Etsy user Super Sock handmade from a thin wooden frame and has the inside of protecting gray faux fur. The briefcase has the look of a cool NES controller and is ideal for a geeky bloke who travels a lot. Sadly the item is sold-off on Etsy and you cannot buy it anymore.

# Nintoaster

Nintoaster gaming console

This amazing Nintendo-inspired toaster has the slot for fitting-in the gaming cartridge right where your toast would come out. The bread lever system is used to insert or remove the cartridge from the console and interestingly it is fully-functional console.

# SNES Headphones

DIY SNES-Headphone-Mod_2

These homemade headphones are crafted from a real Super Nintendo Controller as the maker cut each of the parts into a circular shape. Thereafter the parts were fitted with a headphone for sound and the end result is a cool pair of headphones for an audiophile.

# NES Controller Mouse

NES controller mouse by Champx

One of the most interesting NES-inspired creation, this wireless mouse by Instructables user [Champx] is kind of nostalgic. You so want to have it in your hands and thankfully you can. The maker has posted the complete DIY on how it was made and you can follow suite.

# Family Comguitar

DIY Family Comguitar by Mitsumatsu

Made to look like a real 8-bit Nintendo Famicom (NES) gaming console, the Family Comguitar is made from kastura wood has two controller fitted at the right place to make it look cool to the last bit. You can also make one by following the DIY instructions by the creator.

# Cold Boy

Cold Boy Mini Fridge turned into Game Boy

Even though it is hard to believe, but this mini fridge is a playable gaming console complete with controllers. Dubbed as Cold Boy, this is one of the coolest Nintendo-inspired mods that you’ll see around. If you have a bit of technical knowledge you can also make one for yourself.

# Nintendo 64 Zelda Ocarina of Time

Nintendo 64 The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time mod

Renowned gaming console designer Vadu Amka has modded a Nintendo 64 console with The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time theme with help from his buddy Mika. Keeping the game’s elements in mind, Vadu fitted the console with kokiri emerald, Goron ruby and Zora sapphire. It looks strikingly cool and mimics the gothic jungle look to its best.

# NES steampunk console

Steampunked NES console_4

Reddit user Andrew modded an old NES gaming console into a new Steampunk look which is quite impressive. The inspiration behind this project was his nephew’s love for the NES-101 gaming console and Steampunk things.

# R-Kaid-R

R Kaid R arcade machine by Love Hulten

R-Kaid-R is a portable arcade system by Swedish DIY’er Love Hulten who has perfectly created a gaming machine which you’ll fall in love with. This console has an 8-inch LCD screen (800 x 600 resolution), built-in speakers, 8-way joystick and 10 push buttons for a very unique arcade gaming experience. Amazingly it supports games from across a plethora of platforms.

# Super Nintendo Arcade Machine

Nintendo SNES arcade machine DIY

And I’ve saved best for the last. [Nzen Mods] has modded a Super Nintendo SNES into a gaming machine that has classic controls of an arcade machine. The arcade machine has a 7 inch composite LCD monitor display which is directly coupled to the video composite output from Super Nintendo.



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