This origami crane is a Japanese drone with flying wings

Origami drone

Japanese are very potent at creating things other people just can’t think about, be it robotics or their secretive technology that no one knows till now. At this year’s CEATEC Expo in Japan, ROHM Semiconductor (electronics part maker) showed-off their crane like drone that is capable of flying in any kind of environment like a bird. Basically it is a drone with wings.

Called as Orizuru, this origami drone is a very off-beat take on the conventional drones that we have seen so far. Powered by Lazurite Fly microcomputer designed by LAPIS, this mechanical flying bird uses a unique flying mechanism that saves energy by 90%. Meaning that it can stay afloat for longer when compared to other power hungry quadcopters.

This remote-controlled drone has a carbon tube frame which is draped by 3D-printed nylon filament and fitted with ultralight motors which power its flapping wings. To keep the weight down to just 31 grams, this flying bird is not fitted with any camera or other add-ons.

The company has plans to further test and improve this origami drone so that people can assemble it themselves and fly around in open spaces.

flying origami drone

Via: CNet



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