Uber mapping cars roll-out on the streets to fine tune your ride-sharing experience

Uber Mapping cars

Couple of months ago Uber acquired assets from Microsoft Bing Mapping team along with 100 employees for reasons unknown. That investment is now a clear picture as Uber is now mapping the streets in human piloted BMW 7 series cars to make its ridesharing service all the more fined tuned. Being very similar to the Google Street View cars with 3D spherical cameras on top, Uber aims to drastically improve the route information and accurate time of arrivals with this image-capturing tech. Also, the new tech will help in avoiding crowded intersections and streets that are crowded.

By the look of things, these mapping vehicles are the same ones as Microsoft used for Bing Mapping service. Perhaps, they are also included in the assets Uber Acquired from Microsoft.

Uber is also positioning a separate convoy of mapping cars around the Uber’s Advanced Technology Centers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and University of Arizona. This is to collect imagery for routing information and assessing safety protocols for their autonomous cars.

Uber spokesman confirmed that:

This is an Uber mapping car. In June, Uber acquired a subset of the Microsoft Maps business and imagery collection technology was included as part of that acquisition. These cars have been on the road for the last several months collecting imagery that will help improve mapping features that are so integral to the Uber experience — such as routing and ETA calculations.

Via: BuzzFeed/Engadget



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