Table Tennis Notebooks for boring times in the office

Table Tennis Notebooks

Got bored of writing on notebooks or even for that matter scribbing your Word documents? Then it’s high time you get these Table Tennis Notebooks by Suck UK. Bringing the nostalgic feeling of playing table tennis with a notebook or cardboard, these notebooks are a good time pass after a long grueling day’s work. Two of these notebooks are having a rubber surface with a table tennis bat imprinted on and one notebook has net printed onto it. All you need is a table and you are good to have an extended session of TT in your office or home.

Table Tennis Notebooks

When you are not playing with these notebooks you can scribe down anything important on them. They have 100 pages each and come in a set of three for a price tag of £12. This sounds like a pretty good thing to have in your office, especially when you’ve got bored of work and want to have a light, distressing activity to loosen the load off your mind.

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Table Tennis Notebooks_

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