[Watch] Ninebot Mini – Xiaomi’s $315 self-balancing scooter


After Mi phones and smart wristbands, China’s Xiaomi is venturing into the future of personal transportation with Ninebot Mini – a self-balancing scooter or ‘hoverboard’ if you may. Announced by Xiaomi Chief Executive Officer Lei Jun at an event in Beijing; Ninebot Mini is developed in collaboration with Ninebot (a startup funded by Xiaomi). The self balancing scooter, being reckoned as a hoverboard (though it’s not a board and doesn’t hover) is not a typical Segway either. It does not have Segway-style handle to steer, instead a knee-high handle that allows rider to steer the Mini with leg movement to go left, right, forward or backward.

For the specs; the electric-powered self-balancing Ninebot Mini scooter weighs 12.8kg, and runs at top speed of 16km/h. It can charge fully in under four hours and can go up to 22km on a single charge. While most self-balancing scooters and hoverboards are beyond our pockets, this one is for the masses at $315 – cost of a Xiaomi smartphone. Pick your next ride to college or school more carefully – Xiaomi Ninebot Mini may just fill the bill.


Ninebot Mini is not a concept; Xiaomi has listed the hoverboard on its website. According to Xiaomi, the personal mobility scooter should be available for purchase starting November 3 (initially limited to China).  Ninebot Mini will be accompanied with an app to let control the Mini remotely, keep track of battery usage and speed at which you’re travelling.

Xiaomi-self-balancing scooter

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Via: Forbes



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