Turn damaged laptop screens into an amazing Fake Window light panel

Fake window light panel

Lighting plays a very important role in setting your mood and relieving stress. That’s the reason why special attention is given to room design. But if you have a rented accommodation where your room doesn’t have any natural light source it can get a little boring. That is also true in the night time when you depend on artificial lighting of lamps or LEDs.

I came across this DIY by [DIY Perks] who have put together a how to on making an ambient lighting window which very well replicates the day light coming through a foggy window. All you need is 4 broken laptop screens from the local electronics repair shop and a bit of knowledge on electronic circuits and soldering. The maker calls it the “Fake Window” light panel and this DIY completely justifies the name.

For this DIY damaged laptop screens can be bought from a repair shop for dirt cheap money

A broken or destroyed LED/LCD screen is of no use apart from the fact that the LCD/LED panels have the backlight panel which is perfect for emulating lighting coming from a natural light source. Now, that is one excellent way to recycle old laptop screens into a cool lighting source which can be hung on the wall or used as a floor lamp.

Firstly you’ll have to visit your local PC repair shop and get 4 laptop screens that are of no use but still have
their backlight functioning good. Then remove it from the laptop and follow the instructions given by [DIY Perks] to turn them into a False Window light panel.

The good thing about laptop screens is that they have a diffuser layer over the backlight panel which gives a 3D effect, as if sunlight is coming through from a window. I’m sure you’ll want to make one for your geeky room this weekend.

Via: LifeHacker



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