Chance to buy a Batmobile Tumbler or 1966 Batmobile

Batmobile up for sale

Batman’s rides have always carried their weight in gold for their sheer face value. The ultra-futuristic vehicles that assist superhero of Gotham City in getting rid of crime the unofficial way. It is one thing seeing it in the Batman series or movies, and completely another owning one. Well, today is your lucky day if you have a fat pocket and liking for Batmobiles. Two separate Batmobiles from completely different eras are up for sale and your can make you choice.

# Batman Tumbler Batmobile

Batman Tumber batmobile

Nothing gets better than driving a Tumblr Batmobile with huge rear wheels and a jet engine exhaust emitting flames that looks mean. This is the same car that featured in Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy movies and now it is up for sale in Dubai for a sum of $1 million. Powered by Chevrolet Corvette 5.7-litre engine this monster can go up to a top speed of 250km/h.

The gull-winged doors are similar to the ones in Mercedes- Benz SLS and the two 18.5-inch front tires make it look like a car made for the open roads. To overlook any blind spots that the driver can’t see, there are multiple cameras around the car.

Interestingly, the owner will have the license to drive this one-off Batmobile on the streets of UAE which is downright cool. A guy has caught the glimpse of this Tumbler Batmobile parked outside a dealership and you can see it in the video above.

# 1966 Batmobile

As a collector of classic cars and Batmobile fanatic, don’t let this one slip off your hands. The original 1966 Batmobile from the acclaimed TV series is up for sale again for a mind-numbing price tag of $5 million. Based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, this crime fighter designed by George Barris was bought by Arizona-based businessman Rick Champagne who is a die-hard Batmobile fan. He bought it for $4.62 million in 2013 and now wants to sell it off.

1966 Batmobile_5

1966 Batmobile

1966 Batmobile_1

1966 Batmobile_2

1966 Batmobile_3

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