North Face jacket made from spider silk material

North Face  The Moon Parka spider silk gadget

Spider silk is known to be the strongest and most flexible material that you can find naturally. This very material has been the inspiration for bulletproof material design and now it is time for spider silk to be our magic clothing material. Developed after 11 years of intense research and analysis of 10 design iterations and 656 gene synthetic designs, this magic material can now be produced artificially. Perfectly emulating the natural spider silk’s properties, this new material is light-weight, flexible and carries material strength like none other.

Spiber, the maker of this magic fiber called Qmonos (meaning spider web in Japanese) is made from a process that requires micro-organisms to produce proteins using a fermentation process. Their first prototype jacket has been developed in collaboration with North Face and they call it The Moon Parka. The name comes from human quest to set foot on moon which is considered as a pinnacle of our discoveries. Thankfully Moon Parka is going to be touring in North Face stores across Japan from January 10, 2016 and you can have a look at it then.

North Face  The Moon Parka spider silk gadget_1

Spiber wants to revolutionize the clothing industry with their magic material and push it to other industries like automotive or medical devices too.

Via: SpoonTomago



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