Lucky nerd gets his own custom-designed Arkham Knight Batmobile

Arkham Knight Batmobile

As a part of the PlayStation Bundle Sweep Stakes competition a lucky Batman: Arkham Knight fan was going to be rewarded with one of a kind Mini-Batmobile along with PS4 Arkham Knight Bundle. And that lucky fan just couldn’t believe when he finally got his hands on the one-off custom designed Arkham Kight Batmobile. Meet Francis, a system engineer from San Diego CA who might be the luckiest video game fan on this planet to drive the crime fighting machine in a mini version.

This Batmoible made from fiberglass shell took almost seven weeks to design and Super-Gamer Builds, the team behind its cool looks made everything to be unique in its own rights. The Batmobile is made from a Dune Buggy which had its top removed to give it a very low-lying profile. They had to hand-built the design around the buggy frame and that took a lot of attention to detail. Finally they managed to complete it on time and to the amazement of Francis he drove it around an enclosed section of road.

Sadly, this Batmobile is not street legal and is only meant to be driven in closed spaces. I hope Francis has a big garden in home, otherwise he’ll have some explaining to do in case he decides to drive it on the streets.

Interestingly, this competition required the contestants to tweet picture of themselves with their PS4 and Francis who never used Twitter much won the contest on his first ever tweet.

Via: Gizmodo



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