Nike finally creates self-lacing sneakers shown in 1985 BTTF movie

Nike self lacing sneakers

Designing a pair of self-lacing sneakers that would be fit for the far-sighted year of 2015 was an interesting challenge for Nike back in 1985 for the movie ‘Back to the Future’. That challenge was hard to implement in real life and CGI came to the rescue as Marty McFly wore those futuristic sneakers in the movie. 30 years hence Nike have managed to create sneakers with self-lacing system that is aimed solely at the modern athletes. And they proudly call them the Nike Mag Power Laces.

Nike self lacing sneakers

Quite obviously, Nike decided to gift the first ever pair of these shoes to Michael J. Fox, the hero of the popular flick which portrayed time travel to the year 2015 and dated 21 October. These unique Nike Mag sneakers were announced on this very date to celebrate the nostalgic movie scenes.

Nike self lacing sneakers_1

Nike have used digital technology to make the self-lacing function possible which adapts to the wearer’s motion for maximum comfort. Plus the sneakers look uber-cool with a distinctive light grey look and illuminations just at the right places.

The 2015 Nike Mag is going to be available in limited edition via an auction, the proceeds of which will go forward to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Source: Nike



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