Mom creates Halloween costumes for her son’s wheelchair

Wheelchair costume for Halloween

We’re all waiting for Halloween. Most of us have the leverage to design best of cosplays for ourselves, but it’s not so with those bound to their wheelchairs. Thankfully, one Caleb has Cassie McLelland, the famous wheelchair costume designer from Mansfield, Texas, as his mother. Cassie, who is taken the internet by a storm, has been designing Halloween costumes for wheelchairs since 2008. A fad that started as a way to please her son Caleb McLelland, 3-year-old then, who suffers with Spina bifida and is wheelchair bound, is now a routine for Cassie who has a tutorial blog running, teaching other parents to make breathtaking wheelchair costumes for their chair-bound kids. Cassie also has an Etsy shop selling ready-made wheelchair costumes for not so creative parents.

Caleb McLelland has Spina bifida, a birth defect wherein the spinal cord doesn’t develop completely. Being restricted to a wheelchair, around the month of October, Caleb becomes center of attraction with his innovative and awe-inspiring wheelchair cosplay.

Cassie McLelland Wheelchair costume for Halloween

It’s not just Halloween that prompts Cassie to develop these costumes for her kid’s wheelchair; it’s also because October is National Spina Bifida Awareness Month – and this mother and child duo what to educate people about Spina Bifida through their creations.

All the costumes Cassie has conjured look elaborate, but each one of them is made from cardboard. Let’s take a look at some of the fascinating wheelchair costumes designed for Caleb.

Wheelchair costume for Halloween-1 Wheelchair costume for Halloween-2 Wheelchair costume for Halloween-3 Wheelchair costume for Halloween-4Wheelchair costume for Halloween-5Wheelchair costume for Halloween-6

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