Crazy Colin’s functional Assassin’s Creed rope launcher and hidden knife

Colin makes functional Assassin’s Creed rope launcher and hidden knife

One of the most notorious and realistic weapons shown in video games of current era has to be the arm-mounted rope launcher and hidden knife. Today is the perfect day Colin Furze chose to show-off his fully-functional rope launcher and hidden blade developed in close quarters with Ubisoft. As today Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users and PC gamers will have to wait till November 19 to get their hands on this epic gaming title.

Ok, coming onto this crazy creation by the freaky brit, it is one of his most creative creation of all time. Not to mention that it is freakin’ cool. A real-life functioning arm-mounted grapple hook and hidden blade coming straight out from the game into real life all thanks to Colin.

# Rope launcher

Colin has fitted the rope launcher with a removable CO2 canister that launches the grapple hook in the direction you want to secure it and then attaches the harness to the rope launcher with a motor switch that controls the winching. This makes him go up any vertical climb like a superhero.

# Retractable knife

He also made the hidden blade that can be deployed at the push of a finger to intimidate the enemy. The mechanism of this hidden blade is very simple and it makes sure that you don’t cut-off your finger in displaying your act of heroism. Pretty awesome I must say.

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