Backpack that’ll save your life in case of building fire


Living in high rise buildings carries its own risks, such as a raging fire. In such situations every second counts and before you can plan an escape sequence, the next thing you know is you are stuck inside your room with no option but to jump from the window. That can be very scary and a desperate situation which has been seen in many high rise fires. People jump from their window and sadly most of the times it leads to fatalities. To be prepared for such situations Morris Shahbazi has come up with SkySaver Backpack which makes your escape from a multi-story building easy.

The backpack is loaded with a fire-resistant cable which is looped around a metal reel secured inside the backpack. When needed you can put on the backpack and it unfolds to encapsulate your body in a harness which protects you while descending. The wire can take load capacity of 66-300 pounds which covers major chunk of users.

This accessory is available in varying cable lengths of 80, 160 or 260 feet and you can opt for them according to your convenience. Using it is also very easy, as you have to strap the backpack on and clip the edge of cable to the anchor point. Thereafter you’ll descend at a rate of 3-6 feet per second. The 160 feet variant will come at a price tag of $799 which might seem a lot but will be a life-saver in situation critical.

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