Samsung unveils two ultra-thin, flexible batteries for wearable devices


At the annual InterBattery 2015 in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung unveiled two new durable, long-lasting flexible batteries that foretell the future of batteries for mobile and wearable electronics. InterBattery is a platform where OEMs showcase their new products and technologies. The two batteries called Stripe and Band would potentially enhance the battery life of current gadgets by as much as 50 percent, Samsung claims.

Samsung has undoubtedly been the king of smartphones; despite the recent upheavals, it remains the best selling smartphone brand in the world. In addition to being a smartphone manufacture, Samsung is also famous for wearable devices, TV, monitors, batteries and chipsets (including the A9 chip used in Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus). Expanding on its every enthusiastic spree of making batteries that add to consumer experience, Samsung has developed Stripe and Band.

Both Stripe and Band are thin and flexible batteries, which would allow them to fit into smallest of spaces and components – something not feasible with batteries today. According to Samsung, the two batteries have been tested successfully to withstand 50,000 bends. This suggests their durability and ability to fit in new wearable electronics.

Stripe and Band are both in the prototype stage for now, but aggressive testing is underway to get the batteries to the markets soon.

The Band battery is designed for flexible wristbands, activity trackers and smartwatches but can be used for other category of mobile devices too. Stripe battery on the other hand is like a fiber – measuring just 0.3mm thick, it can bend and conform easily, making it suitable for items like, apparels, necklaces and other accessories.

There is no word yet on when the batteries will actually make it to the devices.

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