This smartphone-controlled racing game is going to be on every kid’s bucket list

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Toys and video games have always been a kid’s favorite pass time, especially cars. We all have played with small toy cars and ones that run on custom-made tracks, also not to forget the current times where playing racing games on mobile devices is very normal. One toymaker company has combined both these loves into something that everyone would want for this Christmas. Anki Overdrive is a smartphone-controlled set of racing cars that you can drive on customizable tracks, and is nothing like the track racing toys you have seen so far.

With the option to fully customize the tracks (magnetically connecting) on which these speedy racer compete, the toy is going to be on your kids bucket list for sure. Just configure your track, put the cars on the starting line and once the cars scan the track by performing a warm-up lap, you are all ready for racing. Made to give you the feel of both virtual game and real-life racing, it perfectly manages to incorporate elements that keep up the excitement of high octane racing for hours and hours in one go.

On your Android/iOS smartphone/tablet you have the app installed that gives you the feel of a racing game with all the fancy characters. While on the real front, your cars compete for pole position and the resulting rewards that unlock their performance upgrades like speed and body endurance. You can take your cars to the outdoors and create custom tracks with elevation, decline, turns and straights for the experience of a lifetime.

The cars are automated and take turns themselves while the speed and lane changing controls are in your hand. This enables you to race in many different modes and tournaments that have their own set of rules.

The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit comes with 10 sections of track, two cars and charging pad for your cars. The starter kit is going to cost £150 and depending on the additional cars and other upgrades the cost can very well reach upto £1000. That is quite a lot for a toy, but people will have a hard time resisting such an offering.

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