Raksha SafeDrive, first road safety device for your car in India


Indian start-up Elysis has developed what is touted as the country’s first smart road safety device, which is enabled by state-of-the-art technologies including, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and telecommunication. Dubbed Raksha SafeDrive, the device can fit on the dashboard of a car or bike and using GPS and other embedded technologies, track location, detect crash automatically, alert and notify for emergency care assistance and even improve driver behavior.

The intelligent road accident management platform – SafeDrive features rash detection capability which allows the device to automatically detect a crash or breakdown.

On touch of a button, in case of an emergency, SafeDrive can help communicate with people necessary for effective management of the situation.

Brainchild of Prasad Pillai and Jayanth Jagadeesh co-founders of Elysis, SafeDrive lets a driver communicate over phone with ambulance services, police, firefighters or friends and family at time of an emergency.

In a country like India where one person dies in an accident every four minutes, road safety is something that has not been thought of ever. This is probably the first time; a vision has been set for a device which could pave way for safer roads.

If you see a future for SafeDrive, it is up on crowdfunding site Kickstarter with a modest goal $15,000 goal (approx. Rs 10 lakh). Support it and who knows you could be one of the early adapters of the safety device.

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