Nissan IDS Concept is a self-driving car with retractable dashboard

Nissan IDS Concept at Tokyo Motor  Show 2015

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 we were destined to see amazing automotive technology of current era as well as the nearing future. And Nissan showed us a glimpse of what self-driving vehicles will be like in the future. At the big auto event Nissan showed-off IDS Concept vehicle that looks far ahead of its time and wants to dethrone Tesla Motors off its electric vehicle dominance. The autonomous car is a zero-emission EV that is designed keeping in mind the cloud-connected future.

Nissan has made a point to integrate artificial intelligence, safety technologies and advanced vehicle control which is going to over-shadow every other self-driving vehicle with its aura. This concept car shows how Nissan is on track of delivering autonomous technologies by 2020 which are going to be hard to match.

The car comes with Piloted Drive mode which transforms the dashboard into an array of display with every little detail of car’s telemetry and driving information. And mind you that is not just on paper, Nissan have managed to incorporate this mind-blowing feature into the IDS Concept prototype.

Nissan IDS Concept is equipped with an array of cameras, lasers and radars that calculate the data while driving, like the distance from a truck in the lane nearby or a pedestrian crossing the street. This full-proofs the self-driving capability and keeps you safe on the road. Along with this the AI system communicates with the driver to make the driving experience unparalleled.

The car’s interiors change according to the driving mode you set it in. For example in Manual mode you’ll have the traditional drive focused setting while in self-driving mode the interiors change to a relaxed setting much like your home. And at the touch of a button the interiors toggle between the modes which is pretty darn futuristic.

The exteriors also focus on what’s happening around which emphasis on the spatial awareness of this hatchback car. Indicators are signified by the LEDs that run all over the body which signal other motorists and pedestrians of car’s presence. Plus it is aerodynamically designed to maximize performance.

Overall the concept hatchback looks ultra-futuristic and incorporates technologies that make your drive safe and pleasurable. To top it off the car looks quite practical and is not like other concepts that look too far ahead of their times.

Source: Nissan



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