[Watch] GoPro drone captures smooth footage, of course with GoPro onboard

Almost all drones out there are tethered to GoPro for all kinds of aerial photography. What if the action camera company stuck up a GoPro to its own drone? The result would be as this video (above) beholds. GoPro is working on its own quadcopter, which may not be available before the first half of 2016, but would be a drone to look forward to. This two minute footage that has not been stabilized in post production shows just why.

Shot using a GoPro Hero 4, the video is amazingly stable despite the drone flying through expansive farms and dense jungles.

Drones have opened up a world we’ve never seen before in action sports. This cannot be complemented to the drones alone; GoPro action cams have been at the heart of every drone action. So when GoPro shows off a prototype of its own drone displaying immaculate stability, we’re more than excited to see the final version roll out soon.

Reports suggest GoPro drone will ship only towards the mid of next year. For now, there is nothing more than this information about the drone. The specification and price remain in the air for now.

Via: YouTube



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