Gest lets you do away with keyboard to gesture-control your computer

Gest wearable

Don’t we all just hate using mouse and keyboard, especially when your daily job requires to use one. It would be such a relief if we would just magically do away with all this hardware and hope wearable technology comes to our rescue. Apotact Labs Gest is a wearable which satisfies your craving with a gesture-controlled device for controlling any kind of task on your computer or mobile devices. You can type without any keyboard required or control the elements of screen by specific gestures. A good example of that would be toggling the picture saturation while working on Photoshop.

Gest is up on Kickstarter for funding with a steep funding goal of $100,000 and it is looking good with more than 60% of that goal achieved with 29 more days to go. The wearable is loaded with a range of sensors like the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer which calculates precise movement of your fingers in relation to the hand.

The point of reference for this device to calculate exact movement and the intended action is your palm. The makers say that the way you move your palm can tell a lot about your gesture and hence Gest is a much better option when compared to other wearables like Leap Motion. The reason being you are not restricted to use Gest in a particular manner or within some set range.

Gest wearable

Not only can Gest be used with computer or mobile devices but it can be a very good option to pair with VR headsets for gaming or augmented reality applications. Only time will tell as to how Gest can be used for a wide variety of applications, and for the time being it looks well on course to hitting the funding goal on Kickstarter. A minimum pledge of $99 will automatically book one Gest gesture-control device for you which will be delivered in November 2016. The retail version will cost almost double that amount.

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