Super dad turns his son’s wheelchair into a Snowspeeder

DIY Star Wars snowspeeder

Before we know it, Halloween has almost arrived and what better than having a DIY that will bring smile to many faces. You can call Ryan Scott Miller a super dad for his stellar project that involved modifying his disabled son’s wheelchair into a cool Star Wars Snowspeeder. It took Ryan almost two weeks to complete this DIY and in the end it turned out to be the coolest thing that has ever been created by a dad for his son.

Ryan who himself is a keen Star Wars fan since childhood always wanted to create something that would stand out from the crowd, and therefore wanted to complete this unfinished dream for his special kid.

The Snowspeeder has nerf darts loaded with glow sticks for a complete interstellar feel and Jeremy absolutely loves it. There is nothing much to say, just enjoy the elation on boy’s face as he drives this one off ride that other kids would want.

DIY Star Wars snowspeeder_1

Via: CNet



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