6 tech-filled pumpkins for a geeky Halloween

Firebreathing pumpkin

Halloween is come around again. We like Halloween and jack-o-lantern. But, just in case, you are bored of the good ol’ jack-o-lantern sitting on your porch, start carving some tech-embedded pumpkins for tomorrow. If you’re thinking where to start, here are six inspirational pumpkins to begin with. Just be sure of preserving the pumpkins before you fit them with electronics or explosives. Hopefully, this time you’ll love your geeky jack-o-lantern.

# Pumpktris

pumpktris_tetris pumpkin

When you combine the game of Tetris with a pumpkin, you get a Pumpktris – a fully-playable Tetris game embedded into a real pumpkin, where the stem serves as a controller. The pumpkin has 128 integrated LEDs serving as its display. Pumpktris makes perfect décor for your Halloween party.

# LED Matrix display in a pumpkin


When you’re Mike Szczys and you’re bored of carving out eyebrows on a regular jack-o-lantern, you stuff a pumpkin with a 70 LED scrolling matrix display to show any message you want. And still leave it on the table?

# RC glowing pumpkin

Color changing LED_pumpkin_remote_controlled

If you don’t want to sit back and see that boring pumpkin head all through this Halloween, try your hands at a multi color remote controlled LED pumpkin. Fitted with LEDs, the pumpkin can be controlled with a remote control to change glowing colors inside it.

# Pumpkin Computer

Pumpkin computer

There are probably many things that you can carve a pumpkin into – so why not carve it into a fully-functional computer. Maybe you need to play some creepy music from the pumpkin this Halloween?

# Robotic Dalek Pumpkin

Dalek pumpkin

A real pumpkin carved into a Dalek. The radio-controlled robotic Dalek can move around and even turn its head.

# Fire-breathing Pumpkin

Firebreathing pumpkin

Pumpkin is stuffed in with some science reaction (aluminum power and iron oxide) to blow out hot melting lava of sorts from the pumpkins head. Check out the video to know more about the reaction inside the pumpkin.



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