EdgeGear Shift changes the way you wear smartwatch and fitness trackers

EdgeGear Shift wearable accessory

Smartwatches have revamped the way manner in which a traditional watch works, adding functionality that many would have though as impossible a decade ago. Now that the good old smartwatches have become a normal accessory to own, a duo of fitness enthusiasts want to reinvent the watch band too. Normally our smartwatches/fitness trackers would sit bang on the wrist but they have come-up with a design which places the dial just below the forefinger and above the thumb, what the makers believe is the ‘Sweet Spot’. This keeps the display area right in line of sight and saves you from moving the wrist to check notifications or time.

This helps fitness freaks, cyclists or any other health conscious blokes to concentrate on the task at hand and have every little notification well within their eyesight range. EdgeGear Shift is created by Co-founders Andrew Green and James Gilmore who came up with the design for this new kind of band for a range of smartwatches and fitness trackers. The project is up on Kickstarter and promises support for wearables including Garmin fitness trackers, Suunto watches and Apple Watch. Support for more wearables will follow once it develops liking with the current users.

EdgeGear Shift wearable accessory

The band is completely waterproof as it restrains sweating during physical activities like running. Also it is made from rubber and die-cast zinc material which is 40-50% lighter than regular wrist straps and comes in three loop sizes.

EdgeGear Shift wearable accessory

EdgeGear Shift is going to cost $20 if you pledge it on Kickstarter and if the funding amount is achieved the accessory will ship to your doorstep by March 2016. As usual the retail price is expected to be $40, so if you like Shift, you better take your chances on Kickstarter.

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