Smart lamp posts in Shanghai feature cameras, Wi-Fi and electric car chargers

Smart Lamp post Shanghai

Next time you’re in Shanghai, China; you’ll be able to get all useful information about road traffic, famous eateries and hang out places right from the interactive street lights on roads. 15 smart road lamp posts, each eight meters tall, have been installed on Shanghaian streets with more expected soon. Although, main purpose of the lamps will be to light up the streets, they are equipped with host of additional features.  The multipurpose lamps sport touchscreen display, surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi hotspot and charging stations for electric vehicles.  

Free Wi-Fi hotspot allows users to toggle though the lamp’s touchscreen display and hop onto internet. The lamp posts have a call button to make emergency calls directly to the city police. The lamps also feature environmental friendly features – monitor pollution in the atmosphere, and charge electric vehicles.

Smart Lamp post Shanghai-1

For charging cars, users need to download a dedicated app. The app features QR code which user swipe on the lamp’s display to make payment for the electricity consumed for car charging.

The surveillance camera on the lamp monitors activity in the area, and a radio onboard will broadcast emergency information as and when necessary.

All these features on the street lamp come for a price. Each street light cost 20,000 Yuan (approx. $3100).

Smart Lamp post Shanghai-2

Via: People’sDailyOnline / MailOnline



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