Surprise Surprise! Aladdin riding his Magic Carpet in streets of New York

Aladdin Magic Carpet

On Halloween day New Yorkers saw a sight that made many to believe how it was actually done. Aladdin riding his magic carpet, whizzing past the crowded streets of this busy city effortlessly. Now how cool is that! Obviously there had to be some trick that made this man fly inches off the ground on his magic carpet. Of course if you are not wondering that it actually is a magic carpet with Aladdin on board.

The trick by Youtube user [CaseyNeistat] involves rigging an electric skateboard with a metal frame that has red carpet like material on top it. With a remote control the rider is able to keep the control mechanism in hand out of view of most people. This hides the actual ride completely from view and for a little instant makes people think “How the hell did he do that!”

As you can see from Behind the Scernes video, Casey Neistat shows how it is done. Perhaps, a good reference for geeky users to get ideas rolling in their heads for making something similar and amazing everyone.

Via: HackADay



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