Make a smart home mirror that displays all the vital info you need

Android smart home mirror

With such a great influx of gadgets, especially mobile devices the technology keeps on changing every day. Leaving you with a device that becomes obsolete in year’s time and once you get a new smartphone/tablet, the old one just sits in your drawer. If you have large screen sized smartphone or tablet lying around that is of no use then there is a cool DIY that can put it to good use. Making an Android smart home mirror that displays current time, temperature, stock exchange prices, social-networking feed, news headlines and other things as you get ready for the day ahead.

This easy to accomplish DIY project by Hannah Mitt is perfectly explained by Becky Stern, Director of wearable electronics, Adafruit. All you require is a tablet/smartphone running Android Lollipop OS, two-way mirror, some double tape and other household items. Core of this DIY is Hannah Mitt’s code which displays all the vital information on your device’s display that is pasted to a two way mirror.

Android smart home mirror_1

The DIY is quite simple and thankfully you’ll have enough information on how to accomplish it. You can follow the instructions on Adafruit and also Github, both of which have enough information on making one for your living room.

Android smart home mirror_2



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