VRGO chair is handsfree motion controller for virtual reality


Before you strap on a virtual reality headset, you know everything about VR that there is, thanks to endless coverage about the pros and cons by the press. Question then is, are we really into the world of VR? Most likely we are there, and gadgets like the VRGO, scheduled to make a Kickstarter debut today, just amplifies the case. VRGO is one highly responsive motion controller for virtual reality. Designed as a chair, the easy to use VRGO lets you enter VR handsfree – you have the hands free to carry out other tasks (something not possible with other VR controllers).


The VRGO chair works by tilting and turning in 360 degrees and the same movement is translated as motion in virtual space. For example, if you lean forward on the chair, you move forward in VR and same is the case with leaning backwards or sideways or even moving around on the chair.  Being very simple to use, user can understand the principles of the VRGO in minutes.


VRGO features Bluetooth and sensors on board, which means the chair can be used as a game controller for VR gaming. The maker’s claim, VRGO can connect wireless to any HMD, PC or smartphone on touch of a button, and it can also work with any game as a keyboard or joystick.


Since, not everyone has all the space to accommodate large locomotion devices within their homes, the VRGO is made like a small chair that is light enough to be rolled anywhere inside the house for enhanced VR experience. VRGO is smaller in size than a regular office chair yet it offers storage space for you to tuck away your head mounted VR display, the cables and headphones etc.


Made from aircraft grade materials, the chair is highly robust and self-righting – it self-rights itself when tilted, you don’t have to worry about falling off the chair when engrossed in a game. Weigh only 4kg, the VRGO can let you play continuously for five hours on a single charge. USB chargeable VRGO is expected to retail for £250 (approx. $385), but early birds can book themselves a chair for £150 (approx. $230).

Via: GizmagDigitalTrends



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