This fashionable leather belt charges your gadgets too!

ION Belt battery charger

Today’s power hungry gadgets force you to keep portable power packs well within reach as you may require them anytime. But carrying them can be a hassle unless you have big pockets. So why not keep a battery bank that fastens around your waist and you don’t have to bother carrying it around? This stylish leather belt is actually a power bank that holds 3000mAh of power to charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere. ION Belt is your next revolutionary accessory that provides you with an accessible and fast way to juice gadgets when they are running low on battery power.

Frankly speaking, this is perfect accessory for a geek who likes to showcase his collection of geeky gadgets. Just imagine, on a hiking trip you are running out of power on your smartphone and require a quick charge to keep the device alive. And then you plug-in the smartphone into the opening-end of your belt and charge it without any fuzz. And that too without the need to carry any portable battery banks with you at all times.

ION Belt battery charger

This intuitive project is up on Kickstarter for funding and has gained the obvious attention with people booking their slots for having one. Already more than half of the funding goal has been achieved and the project looks on target to see the daylight of production lines. The initial minimum price tag slot of $79 is all gone and now $89 slot and more are left, so make it fast if you already like this project.

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