Body posture correcting undershirt Percko funded on Kickstarter


We all know bad posture can lead to back pain, yet most of us cannot sit in correct posture for more than a couple of hours a day. Given the fact that we tend to sit for almost nine hours in a day, it’s really important to ensure we are sitting in a correct posture. To help us straighten posture, a new undershirt called Percko has just been funded on Kickstarter. Percko, which does not hinder with your normal routine, can be worn under regular clothing to work or for a bike ride. It stimulates the body to correct its posture all day without fail.

Whether you’re sitting, standing or riding a bike, if you’re wearing the Percko, it will alert you with a slight stimulation in the correct direction, when you have slouched or hunched into a wrong posture.

Percko does not include any electronics or an app for use, and it can be worn without being noticed. Featuring advanced tensors, unlike other lumber support systems, Percko stimulates back muscles – pelvis to neck – so wearer can be intimated to straighten, and over a period of time learn how to fix their posture.


Percko is made using tiny, high-quality breathable fabric, the fits comfortably on a wearer’s body. The comfortable and supportive shirt can be washed like regular clothing. With its ingenious features, Percko lets you sit, sleep and walk stress and painfree.

Percko is expected to ship in spring 2016 for retail price of $129, shipping charges extra.

Via: Reuters



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