Powerall jump starter is your power bank and flashlight all-in-one

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A modern day geek is always on the lookout for accessories that have multiple utility. Especially an outgoing geek with the thirst for adventure. One accessory that everyone needs to carry in their backpack when out on adventure or long hauling trips is the Powerall emergency jump starter for your vehicle. You can use the jump starter 20 times on one single charge which is enough to get you through. Apart from that it has multitude of uses apart from its jump starter function that will make your life hassle free.

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The 16,000mAh capacity means you’ll never run out of battery power for your gadgets when on hiking, trekking trips. Not only that, the accessory will ensure peace of mind for mobile gamers who churn-up lot of battery power in one single day. It has 2 USB ports to charge two different gadgets simultaneously for 1000 life cycles. You can charge phones, tablets, cameras, GPS units, MP3 players, portable gaming systems and many other USB-powered gadgets with it.

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Not only that, Powerall also has an emergency light function which gets you through dark hours of the day. You can use the flashlight function for 120 hours continuously on one charge in multiple modes like Flashlight, Strobe Light or SOS Emergency Flash.

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The original price of Powerall is $169.95 but you can get it on discounted price at Huckberry for $124. Not a bad deal at all for such a cool gadget accessory that you’ll carry with you wherever you go.



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