Chasing A380 airliner in jetpacks: Aerial stunt you’ll watch over and over again

Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 formation flight - Damn Geeky

It is one thing flying solo in the skies with your jetpack on, and completely another when you are in hot pursuit of the world’s largest jet airliner only a few meters away. Jetman Dubai took to the skies for an unbelievable formation flight with Emirates A380 jumbo jet that required precise planning and training to accomplish. To take on this daredevil aerial showcase, Jetman Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet performed formation flight on both sides of the humungous airliner.

As easy as it looks in the video, the flight wasn’t a cake walk for both the airline pilots and the Jetman Dubai duo as they had to consider many factors including turbulent air and matching the speeds that requires extreme skill and practice. Not to mention that they all were flying at 4,000 feet above ground level. The Dubai Jetman duo launched from a helicopter above the A380’s flying altitude and this whole show was protected within Temporary Restricted Area controlled by Dubai ATC.

Ismaeil Al Hashmi, Managing Director of Jetman Dubai said:

This demonstration of winged innovation is a perfect celebration of the values and intentions that both Jetman Dubai and Emirates share: striving for excellence and shaping perceptions. Dubai, a city that’s constantly breaking boundaries and creating history, is the ideal host for this exceptional Jetman formation flight, which once again pushes the frontiers of aviation.

To ensure that the stunt was a success, a practice flight was conducted on 12 October 2015 to work out the flight formations. The formation of filming crew were conducted on 13 October 2015. After that the Emirates pilots, Flight Operation managers, and Air Traffic Controllers discussed the intricate details of this aerial stunt.

The duo with their jetpacks made multiple positions around the aircraft and filming this aerial stunt was a challenge in itself. The filming crew had an equally tough task at hand and in the end all managed to put together a showcase that will be a landmark in aviation history. Well done team Jetman Dubai and the flight crew aboard Emirates A380.

# Making of Dubai Jetman and Emirates A380 formation flight

Yves Rossy from Jetman Dubai said:

I come from a background of piloting commercial aircraft and it was always a dream to fly without the constraints of being inside a cockpit. Vince and I are thrilled to partner with Emirates and would like to thank them for helping us turn yet another dream into reality. It was absolutely surreal flying alongside the biggest aircraft there is and we felt like mosquitos beside a gigantic eagle.

Vince Reffet, Jetman Junior said:

This is yet another historic flight for the Jetman Dubai team and we are so happy and thankful to be part of something this incredible. We spent a long time preparing, going over every tiny detail in the quest for perfecting our first formation flight with the Emirates A380 aircraft. It is incredibly humbling to be a part of what is such a significant achievement for Dubai and the Jetman team.

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