Local Motors LM3D Swim: First mass produced 3D printed electric car


We have been anxiously waiting for electric cars to be part of our daily rides. With the LM3D Swim, by Arizona-based Local Motors, it could be a reality soon. With LM3D Swim gunning to be the first mass produced 3D printed electric car that can be customized to user preference, Local Motors could take the electric car market to a new high. According to the company CEO Jay Rogers, the company will be launching an Indiegogo campaign for the car in spring next year. Eager buyers will have an option to claim a car for an early bird price.

Besides featuring an electric powertrain, what makes LM3D Swim different is that it will be a 3D printed car, where owner will have the option to customize the car to look in a manner they’d want. The car is expected to be printed, to choice, in record time.


The design for the LM3D Swim is winner of a contest for roadworthy 3D printed car initiated by Local Motors. Conceptualized by Kevin Lo in July, the LM3D Swims’ design has been brought to the prototype stage in September by team at Local Motors.

Local Motors informs each LM3D Swim will comprise 75 percent 3D printed material, tough the idea is to increase this to 90 percent. The body of the car will be made from a mix of 80 percent ABS plastic and 20 percent carbon fiber. It is informed that while the interiors of the cars will remain identical, customers will have the option to customize the 3D printed body to their liking.


Since, the prototype is ready; Local Motor is now working on making the electric car safer. Crash testing is scheduled to be complete by the end of next year.

Pre-sales from LM3D Slim are slated to start from 2nd quarter of 2016. First units of the 3D printed electric car will roll out toward the beginning of 2017 starting at $53,000.



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