Greek student is youngest ever to build fully-functional life-sized humanoid robot

Dimitris Hatzis Troopy robot

Robotics is not an easy branch of engineering. Best of mechanical engineers take years before they can arrive at a robot. Here is a 15-year-old student, Dimitris Hatzis from Kavala in Northern Greece who has created a life-sized robot using 3D printing, in the processing becoming the youngest person ever to build a life-sized humanoid. Dimitris’ robot, that he calls Troopy, is part of project “InMoov” – an open source platform.

InMoov, a project run by Gael Langevin, French sculpture and designer, is first open source 3D printed life-sized robot. It is a 3D printed humanoid anyone with a 3D printer with 12x12x12cm area and some building skills can attempt.

Dimitris Hatzis InMoov robot

Inspired by movie Real Steel, Dimitris began out exploring possibilities of building a robot. This is when he came across InMoov project and made it the basis of his project. Troopy is thus constructed using the instructions available through the open source platform. It took Dimitris good one year of consistent effort to finally arrive at the fully-functional humanoid.

Interestingly, despite all the instructions, only six people in the world have been able to build the InMoov humanoid robot, Dimitris being the youngest in them. Other successful robot designers include Gael Langevin, two Russians, an Italian and a German. Dimitris informed that he had been in constant contact will all the successful designed while working on his robot.

Dimitris Hatzis humanoid robot

The Troopy robot, which is still work in progress, is 1.85-meter tall robot that can speak English fluently. The robot can mimic human movement and features an independently moving head, eyes, arms and hands.

The robot won Dimitris first prize at Industrial Informatics Festival i2fest 2015 held in Kavala.

Dimitris Hatzis InMoov

Via: Protothema / GreekGetaway / OddityCentral



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