Now you can watch Youtube videos in virtual reality mode with Google Cardboard

Youtube VR videos

Whatever Youtube is doing seems to be right as their videos load in a jiffy, there are many options and everything is falling in their court. Now, they are taking things forward by pushing support for Google Cardboard VR headset to view Youtube videos. That means you can now view 360-degree virtual reality worlds in a 3D like environment using your Android smartphone.

Right now Youtube is making some videos available for VR viewing including Hunger Games Experience or TOMS Shoes Giving Trip. The collection is bound to grow with time and Youtube takes a step ahead of other players like Vimeo or DailyMotion by making this move. Also, users can make their own VR videos using technologies like Jump and upload them to Youtube.

Youtube VR videos_1

Since both are Google products, hence only Android smartphones are currently supported with this feature. To use this cool feature all you have to do is select ‘Cardboard’ from the menu in your updated Youtube app from Google Play and put your phone inside the Google Cardboard viewer.

Not only specially curated VR videos but now you can view all the Youtube videos using Google Cardboard to experience viewing in a virtual movie theatre. To do this again you’ll have to choose the same option.

Source: YoutubeBlog



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