Researchers develop graphene nanobots powered by light and heat

Graphene micro robots

Making headway into the development of nano robots that could be useful in many fields is this origami robot made from light-weight graphene material. A research by a team of Chinese engineers and material scientists at Donghua University in Shanghai have come-up with a unique method to propel graphene sheets almost like a robot controlled by a remote controller.

The material is made from layers of graphene oxide, sheet of carbon and compounds made from hydrogen and oxygen. Top layer of graphene oxide absorbs water and when exposed to heat or light the water is released and the material bends which makes it move in any intended direction.

According to Hongzhi Wang, a materials researcher at Donghua University in Shanghai, China, the process of water absorption and expulsion is very fast and this makes the material very agile in movement. Since graphene is a very strong material therefore, when light/heat is directed on certain side of the material it contracts and is capable of holding and lifting things five times heavier than itself.

This makes possible multiple kind of behavior by the material which ca run, turn or lift objects and move forward. All this without the need of any electronic components, all that is needed is light or heat which stimulates the behavior for this material.

Source: Nature



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