Moochies smartwatch keeps track of your child at all times

Moochies smartwatch

We all love sporting gadgets and so do the kids who follow suite, virtually wanting to have their own smartphones/tablets. Smartwatches are the new trendy accessory that we all want to have this holiday season, so why treat the kids with any ordinary gifts? To break the jinx of modern day toys and gift your kids with a smartwatch which keeps them connected with you at all times is a very good idea. A British company has come-up with Moochies, a smartwatch tailor-made for kids that comes with calling features and many other features.

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Moochies watch has phone calling/receiving capabilities and SOS feature that sends a 15 second audio message automatically to parents in case the kids are in any kind of trouble. Since we are talking about kids, you don’t expect them to remember phone number, therefore the watch comes with two buttons that place phone calls to two pre-loaded numbers. In most cases these two numbers will be of the parents or caretakers. The watch allows parents to set 10 numbers which can call on Moochies watch, any other calls will be automatically rejected.

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The watch is connected to the parent’s phone via an app that keeps a track of child’s whereabouts using the GPS tracking capabilities. There is a Safe Zone function which allows you to set the safe zones like home, school, study centers etc. If the child wanders out of these zones, immediate notification is send to the Moochies app. Plus the watch has watch function which shows the current time in digital format.

Moochies smartwatch comes in kid friendly colors including pink, blue, black and orange. The varying patterns with characters also look very cool on their wrist. Setting-up the watch is also very easy in just three steps. Just download the Moochies app, pair it to your smartphone and activate the watch function.

The watch carries a price tag of £79.99 and comes with pay-as-you-go SIM card. The compatible app can be downloaded from iStore and Google Play.

Moochies smartwatch



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