Chinese Iron Man robot destined for space missions is a true superhero

Iron Man Robot Xiaotian

While Iron Man is all the rage in western world, Chinese are building one of their own behind secret doors. At the 17th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai, China’s aerospace agency showed-off their space robot which very closely resembles the Iron Man. They call it ‘Xiaotian’ which means Little sky. Unlike its superhero looks, the robot is destined to do some very responsible tasks like undertaking space station missions, mostly the unmanned space probes.

Iron Man Robot Xiaotian_1

The robot is equipped with flexible hand and arm movement which enables it to do very technical tasks like connecting electrical links or heavy tasks too. For now the robot is destined to fly on the space station and maybe take on major tasks that are too dangerous for astronauts. However, you can’t count down the Chinese on making it capable enough to be ready for the Mars mission in coming years.

There is not much information on how this robot works or what extended capabilities it has, but one thing is for sure, Chinese do seem to be inspired by the superhero status of Iron Man.

Source: Guancha/Xinhuanet Via: Quartz



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