Pretty looking TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is Apple Watch’s nemesis

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Finally the long anticipated TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch modeled on the company’s own Carrera watch has been revealed at a press conference by the Swiss watchmaker. Carrying a hefty price tag of $1,500 this smartwatch actually looks like any other high-end timepiece from the premium watchmaker, but has much more under the hood than someone would expect.

Clearly targeted towards the high-end customers, TAG Heuer Connected has a 1.5” 360×360 resolution trans reflective LTPS LCD screen covered by sapphire glass which improves visibility in broad daylight conditions. Measuring 46mm in diameter and having a thickness of 12.8mm, the smartwatch weights just 52mm thanks to its titanium frame.

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Under the hood this smartwatch is powered by Z34xx series Intel SoC processor clocked at 1.6GHz. Combined with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage space gives this watch an advantage over other wearables which are mostly powered by 512MB RAM. The watch will have 410mAh of battery life which is good but mind you not that over the top for such a costly smartwatch. On the downside, this smartwatch doesn’t have a heart rate monitor which is a major loophole for fitness centric audience.

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TAG Heuer Connected is clearly taking on the not so successful Apple Watch which has many luxury variants like the Gold Edition and one made in partnership with Hermes. Having a price tag of $1500 will certainly lure the high-end buyers to choose this watch over other competitors like Apple Watch most certainly for its sheers looks and a very chronograph like design.

The smartwatch is available in United States in company stores and is also going to be available in Japan from 12 November. Sale in other countries is going to follow in the coming days.

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