NEC develops ARmKeypad – Augmented Reality keyboard for your arm

-NEC-ARmKeypads Augmented-Reality-Keyboard

Fancy a scenario wherein Iron Man style you could control your mobile devices from a keyboard on the forearm? If you do, NEC has just made it possible with their keyboard for the sleeve of your hand called the ARmKeypad. According to NEC, a user can project an augmented reality keyboard on their forearm using eyeglasses and a smartwatch. The special pair of glasses allows the user to see the keyboard projected on the arm, which will not be visible to anyone else.

In addition to displaying the keyboard, the glasses detect finger movement to register key presses. The smartwatch, on the other hand, senses timing of the key presses and helps change keyboard display from QWERTY pad to a numpad to a piano.

With the help of the glasses and a smartwatch, the user can carry a keyboard with them all the time, without actually carrying one.

NEC ARmKeypad

Generally, it’s not easy to type on the phone while walking on the street or while running. There are voice assists to help, but even they fail in noisy environments; this is where ARmKeypad comes in – it’s easier to use and it leaves both your hands-free to use. With ARmKeypad you’re free to use your smartwatch to deliver a full-sized keyboard as and when you need. Check out the video obtained by WSJ below.

NEC has given out nothing about details of hardware or functioning of the ARmKeypad. But we have a vague idea that ARmKeypad will be available sometime next year.



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