Animal Stormtrooper helmets are shaped as animal heads

Animal Stormtoopers helmets

Even if neither of us does; New York-based designer Blank William believes there exists a galaxy far, far away, where Stormtroopers are animals. Considering the same, William has designed helmets for these Stormtroopers – he has created Star Wars-themed helmets that are shaped as animal heads. Dubbed ‘The New Order’, these helmets carry all the fervor and detail and keep the iconic black and white of the helmets from the Star Wars franchise.


The animals that are provided with their own stormtrooper’s helmet include an elephant, rhinoceros and hippopotamus. Each helmet is articulately designed to match the unique characteristics of the animal.


The helmets look exciting real, but Mashable informs these are only computer renderings for now. Since, the images have gone viral – William is now planning to make these helmets for real.




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