Disney smartwatch can sense what object you’re touching

Disney smartwatch senses what you're touching

Disney smartwatch is a prototype for now, but if it were to see the light of the day, it would be the first wearable hardware that would allows people to detect an object by simply touching it – no need to look at what you’re touching. Our body produces electromagnetic signal each time we touch something. Disney says, their smartwatch will sense these EM signals and will be able to identify what object you’re touching or gripping. The watch will identify an objects distinct pattern through the EM signal given out by the hand.

The smartwatch comes with hyper-sensitive antennae (to detect lowest frequencies emitted by the body) and features a system called EM Sense, developed in collaboration by Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University. The two simultaneously monitor and pick minutest of electromagnetic signals produced by the user’s hand in real time to provide feedback. The antennae can sense signals anywhere between 1Hz – 28.8MHz.

Combined with the information of what you’re touching, the smartwatch can also be programmed to provide intelligent feedback on what to do next. For example, the watch senses you’re holding your cup of morning coffee and it’ll shoot up news apps for you, or when it realizes you’re turning the door handle, it can switch on/off the smart lighting at home/office. Check out the video below to see endless possibilities of EM Sense and the Disney smartwatch.



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