Apple Watch 2 promises improved hardware and OS, coming June 2016

Apple WAtch 2

Apple has been trying hard to lure a huge chunk of buyers with its smartwatch, but sadly only Apple fan boys and eager smartwatch buyers have set foot on the trap. Frankly, the Apple Watch hasn’t impressed technology reviewers and smart buyers who have preferred to go for much better options like Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane.

To add to the agony acclaimed watchmakers like TAG Heuer have also forayed into the smartwatch market with their high-end offering that is pitted directly against Apple Watch. To counter this Apple have to come-up with a better wearable and that is what they are doing according to their component manufacturer Quanta who have revealed that the company is developing the next generation Apple Watch.

Quanta Chairman Barry Lam during an investor meeting said that the next generation Apple Watch is going to have upgraded hardware and software. Plus he also confirmed that the smartwatch is going to be revealed before the end of second quarter of 2016. This apparently also coincides with the yearly cycle of release of Apple flagships and the probable date might be by June 2016. Tech experts have predicted that ApplE Watch 2 will have more or less the same dimensions, but the display will be a little thinner to accommodate for a slightly larger capacity battery.

That is good news for Apple fans and other smartwatch enthusiast who are looking for a cool wearable that goes well with their smartphone. More news on Apple Watch 2 development is expected to strike in the coming days and we’ll keep you posted at that time. For now enjoy other interesting wearable tech stuff on our portal.

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