Self-sustainable robot cleans water pollution on its own

Rowbot robot

Water pollution is an issue of major concern for developed countries and no doubting researchers want to end it before things go out of hand. In this persistent effort another eye-catchy contribution comes from a team at Bristol University in UK who have developed a self-sustainable robot that feeds on water pollution. Row-Bot is a robot that cleans dirty water bodies infested with microbes and pollution, making them a source of energy to further hunt down the waters for more pollution.

Rowbot robot_1

Taking design inspiration from the water boatman bug, this robot has a propulsion mechanism that drives it forward. On the other hand it has a stomach made from microbial fuel cell which churns down all the microbes to produce power which is greater than what is required to propel it forward. That way it doesn’t ever require an external power sources as long as there is enough bacteria which is metabolized in its guts to produce CO2, electrons and protons which act as a fuel.

Row-Bot works in any kind of waters; from lakes to seawater bodies to clean them of any pollutants. This has a significant effect on other organisms in these waters and replenishes the natural lifecycle. A large army of Row-Bots could help reduce the water pollution levels considerably around the globe.

Source: FastCoExist



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