Sonos Play:1 speaker pair to fill your home with pure, immersive sound


Sonos Play1 speaker set

Control music from an app and have the speakers in the house play what you want from the comfort of your couch. This is not a rare scenario, and there is nothing the Sonos Play:1 has done differently. The Play:1 also comes with a dedicate app to stream your favorite music through the smart speaker system. The pair of wireless speakers can be setup in separate (or same) rooms to play different songs in either rooms, or to play same song in both rooms. It isn’t long back when Sonos introduced the PLAY:1 Blue Note Limited Edition speaker, and now the new model that has been designed in a sleek body to fit any space, Sonos has really amazed us.

Weighing 4.08 lb, Sonos Play:1 measures 6.36- x 4.69- x 4.69-inches and it offers crystal clear Hi-Fi sound at all volume levels. Capable of playing a host of formats including, compressed MP3, iTunes Plus and WMA, the Play:1  can wirelessly (over Wi-Fi/app) stream all the music in your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sonos Play1 speaker set-3

The Play:1 has been fitted in with a pair of Class-D digital amplifies, which have been tuned to match acoustic features of the speakers. The speakers have Volume and Play/Pause on the top panel with indicating lights for component and mute status.

Sonos Play1 speaker set-1

Sonos Play:1 comes in two colors – white with light metallic grille and black with graphite grille. Though, the speaker system is made high-humidity resistant, meaning it can be carried into the bathroom; but the company warns, the Play:1 is not waterproof or water-resistant and should not be carried under the shower.

Scheduled to begin shipping in the US anytime before first week of December; the $399 Sonos PLAY:1 can be ordered now from Huckberry for discounted price at $350.

Sonos Play1 speaker set-2

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