Tabletop arcade machine relives non-stop gaming mania of the ’80s

STARFORCE PI arcade console

Arcade gaming will never lose its charm and will continue to inspire video game lovers into creating DIY rigs that remind us of the good old days. One DIY’er has gone the length and put his project up on Kickstarter for funding to mass produce a mini arcade machine which is purely awesome. Marcel J. de Haan has finally completed the prototype of STARFORCE PI an electronic tabletop mini-arcade machine paying homage to the golden era of classic gaming.

Demanding a colossal funding amount of €190,000 on Kickstarter, this nostalgic piece of gaming equipment will cost €199 for a readymade system that you can play right out of the box. The console has more than enough 1980’s Nintendo video games to satisfy your hunger for classic arcade games. The console itself has been designed very well with a complete set of joystick and arcade styled buttons that will bring back old memories I’m sure.

The heart of this console is Raspberry Pi chip which makes gaming smooth and crisp even for the 16-bit style retro games. This console runs games in 320×240 resolution TFT screen and the 3000mAh battery ensures you go on gaming for around 5 hours non-stop.

STARFORCE PI arcade console has got a long way to go before it sees the daylight of commercial production lines as the funding goal is still quite far-off. Price tag of €199 is a little bit on the higher side and will only lure hardcore gamers.

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