Pixel Vision foldable game console links present with the past 

Love Hulten Pixel Vision portable game console

Arcade games are never going to go out of fashion, and seasoned modder Love Hulten is keeping the love alive with his creations. Latest in his collection being the Pixel Vision – a pocked-sized game console that can store over 10,000 different games. The handheld emulator system is made completely from solid walnut, and is designed to provide that arcade-style gaming console in your hands. The foldable console is inspired by Game boy Advance SP and has been modelled after the likes of NES, Game Boy and Atari 2600, including others, to revive the love of consoles from yesteryears.

Love Hulten Pixel Vision portable game console-1

The 3.7-x3.7-x 1.7-inch Pixel Vision is handmade and highly customizable – its unique friction hinge is also made from American Walnut and excitingly it can be adjusted to liking with a screwdriver. A gamer can enjoy host of classics in the most compact-sized Pixel Vision console which can allow you to create your own library of games; simply transfer your games via USB and enjoy them on your pocket-sized arcade machine. Watch making of the console in the video below.

The game console complete with D-Pad and buttons comes with a battery onboard, which offers eight hours of continuous gaming on a single charge. The Pixel Vision comes with customized soft case to keep the console secure when stored away or being carried in pocket/bag.

Love Hulten Pixel Vision portable game console-2

Pixel Vision is a limited edition game console, Hulten will deliver only 500 of these. There is going to be a collectables “Pearl” edition of the console (20 units will be available). Pearl edition will feature D-Pad and Buttons made from brass and the inlay top made from genuine Mother of pearl shell veneer and each unit will be exclusively signed and numbered.

Love Hulten Pixel Vision portable game console pearl edition

Love Hulten Pixel Vision portable game console-3

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