Polycade arcade machine reincarnates the nostalgic ‘80s gaming era

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By the look of things the gaming era of ‘80s is hitting us again with retro gaming being the new craze. The Tabletop Arcade Machine became a hit with the readers and now Polcade, a retro arcade machine wants to rise to the same level. Being the second arcade gaming project up on Kickstarter in a week’s time, things look good for the makers. Ideal for a modern home, this gaming cabinet is loaded with over 90 classic arcade game titles of the ‘80s. And with controls for two players, this gaming cabinet is perfect for an odd game while your mom prepares dinner.

Polycade arcade cabinet has one 4-directional joystick for solo play and two 8-directional joysticks for multiplayer fun. The size of this arcade cabinet is such that it will fit in any corner of the room and as an additional advantage it looks very neat. This arcade is the result of almost a year of designing, research and testing. All the buttons have been placed very carefully keeping in mind the ergonomic position of the players. Moreover, the buttons and joystick can be removed easily in case there is a malfunction.

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Brain of this arcade cabinet is a Raspberry Pi computer that runs an open source emulation software. Polycade comes with popular game titles like Pac-Man, Galaxian, Asteroids, Sonic The Hedghog and many other.

As I said that Ploycade is up on Kickstarter and is very close to achieving the funding goal. The arcade cabinet kit starts at $600 and you can assemble it easily without any technical knowledge.



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