Figment VR iPhone case transforms into a virtual reality headset effortlessly

Figment VR iPhone case

Virtual reality applications are coming to the geeky community in a big way and manufacturers are looking for ways to make it easier to use and foremost affordable. Google Cardboard is a very good example of enjoying VR content on your smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket. Yet another intuitive way to view VR content on your iPhone 6s/6s Plus has just arrived and it is definitely grabbing attention.

Figment VR iPhone case_1

Figment VR case for iPhone 6/6Plus and iPhone 6s/6s Plus is for people who are excited about augmented reality content which is going to be the trend in coming months. This makes perfect sense as more and more people would will be curious about Youtube’s VR videos that are viewable with Google Cardboard. My tech knowledge tells that this case is going to work with Youtube videos and Google Cardboard apps perfectly.

iPhone 6s case with VR viewing lenses is what sets this accessory apart from the rest

Coming onto the case itself, on first look it seems like the usual sleekly designed accessory for your new Apple iPhone 6s, but push of a button reveals the unexpected. In the blink of an eye the back panel comes parallel to the screen and the two lenses can be used to view VR content. When you are done viewing the virtual reality content, simply push the panel back in place.

Figment VR iPhone case

Figment VR iPhone case is getting good response on Kickstarter and is on target to get funded. That means backers will get their Figment VR shipped in March for a price as less as $49. This accessory has the right features to make it an instant hit and if it appeals to you, now is the right time to book yours.

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