Two-legged puppy gets 3D printed wheelchair to walk around

Tumbles puppy 3D printed wheelchair

It’s not always easy to be runt of the litter with just two legs. Life gets tough and you have to fight for the basic things like mother’s milk. Tumbles was one such two-week old puppy, for whom life was merciless until he was taken to a non-profit organization Friends of the Shelter Dogs’ (FOSD) pet shelter in Athens, Ohio. Since, two-legged Tumbles was not fit enough to feed on mother’s milk, FOSD decided he needed extra care and be bottle-fed to good health. Picture of the sweetheart were updated to FOSD’s Facebook Page where they caught eye of a couple who contacted the shelter to build a bespoke wheelchair for him.

Tumbles puppy 3D printed wheelchair-1

The couple designed a wheelchair and reached out to Ohio University Innovation Center to help create the wheelchair using their 3D printer. The 3D printed wheelchair that took 14 hours to print is ready and as the video shows, Tumbles getting used to move around using it.

Tumbles puppy 3D printed wheelchair-2

Tumbles is still very small and only learning how to walk. And the wheelchair is not going to make it any easier for him. FOSD board President Angela Marx told Buzzfeed Tumbles is getting on with his new wheelchair, but he’s going to take time adapting to it.

Tumbles puppy 3D printed wheelchair-3

Tumbles is not up for adoption, according to Marx, his foster mother has fallen in love with him and is working on ways to make him happy.  And maybe she would adopt him.

Tumbles puppy 3D printed wheelchair-4



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